Beautiologist PERMANENT Makeup website provides 10 pages of data rich information about  all permanent makeup procedures. Enjoy!
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Don't Make a Permanent Mistake!

Have your Permanent Makeup designed & applied by the same artist who has made some of Hollywood’s most famous faces beautiful.

Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Vanessa Williams,
Janet Jackson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Shania Twain, Sting, 
Sara Evans, and many more.

"About Permanent Makeup"

A select few in the Permanent Makeup industry have the 'gift' of making the application of permanent cosmetics an art. 
Terri P is one.  

She has mastered the art of perfect cosmetic application, in both traditional cosmetics and now permanent makeup micropigmentation. 

She utilizes the latest techniques with regard to the implantation of the highest quality pigments, and is skilled in the use of both digital and coil machines. 

As a result, Terri P is often called upon to consult and treat more difficult procedures such as Permanent Makeup color correction and design correction.
She is also proficient in yearly Permanent Makeup touch ups for those who wish to maintain their Permanent Cosmetics.

We hope that you will take the time to thoroughly review this website. There is so much to know about what procedures are right for you!

Research Wisely.  You Only Have One Face.


"Getting the Ink in to the Skin"


At Beautiologist Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo, all we do is permanent makeup, all day, every day. We do not dabble in permanent makeup or just offer it as one of several adjunct services or as part of a "spa package". Permanent makeup application is our sole business and our true specialty. We reside in a Private Studio where one on one attention is our utmost priority! You are The Star!

Terri P and Beautiologist Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo is the trusted practitioner in the art of permanent makeup in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg and the Tampa and Sarasota areas.  

Experience and Consistently Beautiful Results - Time After Time

You deserve permanent makeup services provided by Melany Whitney of the Center For Permanent Cosmetics.Terri P, Permanent Makeup Artist, is an expert in all skin types including ethnic skin tones. But don't just take our word for it, we invite you to see real life client results to understand her superior skill and true artistic talent that make your investment in her services worth every penny. Check out the Photos Page to see the consistently beautiful results her professional skill provides. Your results are a natural enhancement that create a more confident you.

World-Class Permanent Makeup Services 

Melany Whitney of the Center For Permanent Cosmetics.

Why not use the best when it comes to your own face? Not only is Terri P expertly trained and qualified to be your permanent makeup application professional,
  she is a caring professional who puts your comfort and needs first.

You don't have to be a star or celebrity to use the services of  Beautiologist Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattoo.

Terri P is available by appointment  to perform your Permanent eyeliner, Permanent eyebrow, Permanent lip color, or other Permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure  if you are in Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Wesley 
Chapel, Trinity, New Tampa, Sarasota, or Lakeland

Professionally Associated With Prominent Plastic Surgeons and Top Cancer Surgeons

As an expert in 3D Nipple Tattooing and areola restoration and nipple repigmentation, Terri P
 regularly receives referrals from many Florida  breast centers, as well as from prominent plastic surgeons.  Her services are for more than just creating beautiful faces, she helps to rebuild lives and rebuild confidence after breast surgery.

" . . . simply put, my Brows are fabulous." - Amy K

"It took me five years to decide about permanent makeup because of my fear it would hurt.  The procedure was virtually pain free!" - Tina L 

"Terri, I can never explain the feelings I have about my new brows and liner! I wake up feeling happier than I have ever felt. I literally just get up and go! - Marie T

". . . I did my web research and called Terri P, in minutes on the phone with this incredible artist, I knew I made the right choice." - Natali S


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