Terri P and Beautiologist Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo is the trusted practitioner in the art of permanent makeup in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg and the Tampa and Sarasota areas. Have your Permanent Makeup designed & applied by the same artist who has made some of Hollywood’s most famous faces beautiful.

Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Vanessa Williams, Janet Jackson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Shania Twain, Sting, Sara Evans, and many more.

Client had no shape and very little brow hair. After: A soft defined, yet natural result defines her eyes!

Permanent Brows

The eyebrows frame the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. Professionally enhanced eyebrows define your natural features, and provide a youthful “lift” to your eyes. Unlike the harsh ‘stencil looking’ brows tattooed 15 to 20 years ago the techniques used by Terri P result in a more natural, softer appearance.

Permanent Eyeliner

Gorgeously define your eyes with permanent eyeliner, that allows you to wake up looking your best and continue with that fresh look all day and night. Imagine life without makeup smears and smudges, and never applying or removing eyeliner ever again!

It’s also the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivities, dexterity issues, vision problems, or a very active lifestyle.

Client has hooded eyes, upper and lower eyeliner help give her eyes intensity and brightness!

Client has very pale lips and was after more definition. After: A natural tone was used shading into center of lip tissue, providing her much fuller lips. Gloss or lipstick!

Permanent Lips

Artful Lip tattooing is a great way to add symmetry, fullness and balance to lips. Lips can become smaller and lose pigment with age, so this is the perfect rejuvenator. Cosmetic tattooing for lips may be applied to produce varying effects.

Permanent lip color very effectively enhances naturally pale tissue, provides definition, and corrects uneven or asymmetric borders. Permanent lip liner also eliminates lipstick bleed, softens fine lines around the mouth, and creates a more voluminous, sensual looking lip.

Lash Enhancement

This is a shading/lining technique in the lashline for a thicker appearance of eyelashes. Call it a barely-there eyeliner. It is not doing anything to the eyelashes themselves. Lash enhancement is for people who do not care for eyeliner, but look bare without it. Some women like eyeliner on top only or bottom only, and would benefit using lash enhancement on the unlined portions. Light lash enhancement can be used for men, and surprisingly many actors and male models have it done. This technique does not make lashes look longer, just thicker.

Client was after a very subtle look, she wears lash extensions and didn’t want a “liner” look. After: Upper and lower lash enhancement provides a natural look but also gives definition to eye color.


Double mastectomy with nipple reconstruction, 3 months post. Tattoo lightens considerably once healed!

3D Areola & Nipple Tattoo

The art of restoring the appearance of areola and nipple tissue is oftentimes regarded as nothing short of a miracle for anyone that has undergone a mastectomy or other types of breast surgery. Our tattooing services provide very natural 3-D results to cancer survivors, burn victims and surgery patients. Pigment applications can also help correct the Areola for size, shape, symmetry and color – and add definition.

3D Areola Nipple Tattoo also known as Areola Re-pigmentation is an advanced practice of tattooing that gives the illusion of the natural color and shape of an areola after breast reconstruction. This can be done in conjunction with surgical nipple reconstruction.  If the patient chooses not to undergo surgical nipple reconstruction, a three-dimensional or “3D” areola and nipple is created with the use of light and shadow to give the illusion of a protruding nipple. Areola Nipple Re-pigmentation requires more than one session.

Color and Shape Corrections

Not all permanent makeup artists have equal training, skill, or artistry. If you have been disappointed by less than satisfactory results, fading or color change, Terri P can help.

As a nationally recognized expert this artist will use her considerable technique and amazing artistry to succeed where others failed.

Client had previous PMU resulting in orange shapeless brows and faded blue eyeliner. Not a good combination! After: A soft golden brown pigment and new designed brows along with upper and lower eyeliner takes the tired away!


About Us

Hollywood Permanent Makeup Artist, Terri P.

Terri has returned to her home town of Clearwater, Florida after having spent over 20 years in the Los Angeles film and fashion industry, Terri P began her career as Model, and after a decade long career, entered a life behind the cameras. Costume Designer and Makeup Artist, Terri P has had the privilege to work with many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity faces in Fashion Editorials, Print and television ads, and award winning Music Videos. Terri P now brings her talent to the world of Permanent Cosmetics. It is with dedication and a strong desire she brings the “next phase” of beauty to the forefront of traditional cosmetics. Join her in her Private Studio, where YOU are The Star!

Your satisfaction combined with maintaining a life long relationship with you is the reason I am here


...simply put, my Brows are fabulous.

Amy K

It took me five years to decide about permanent makeup because of my fear it would hurt. The procedure was virtually pain free!

Tina L

Terri, I can never explain the feelings I have about my new brows and liner! I wake up feeling happier than I have ever felt. I literally just get up and go!

Marie T

...I did my web research and called Terri P, in minutes on the phone with this incredible artist, I knew I made the right choice.

Natali S


Have your Permanent Makeup designed & applied by the same artist who has made some of Hollywood’s most famous faces beautiful.