The Office

Beautiologist is situated within a tranquil Private Studio.

Hair salons and Nail salons are NOT the place to be having permanent makeup performed! Airborne nail fungus, chemicals and hair and skin particles are not conducive to para medical procedures such as permanent makeup. Please choose wisely, your health is at risk!

Prior to permanent makeup:

  • Please abstain from caffeine 24 hours prior
  • Please abstain from alcohol 24 hours prior
  • Abstain from heavy use of salt 24 hours prior
  • If you are having your lips done, and you have had any history of cold sores, please have your doctor prescribe an antiviral medication such as Valtrex
  • Do not wear any lip products on the day of your procedure (includes chapstick and Carmex)


Have your Permanent Makeup designed & applied by the same artist who has made some of Hollywood’s most famous faces beautiful.