Permanent Lips

Artful Lip tattooing is a great way to add symmetry, fullness and balance to lips. Lips can become smaller and lose pigment with age, so this is the perfect rejuvinator. Cosmetic tattooing for lips may be applied to produce varying effects.

Permanent lip color very effectively enhances naturally pale tissue, provides definition, and corrects uneven or asymmetric borders. Permanent lip liner also eliminates lipstick bleed, softens fine lines around the mouth, and creates a more voluminous, sensual looking lip.

We offer several options for lip enhancement – a slightly blended lip line can be created for a softer, less defined appearance, or a crisp outline can be applied to highlight the lip border for a more defined result. Color can also be placed across the entire lip area for a lipstick effect. Adding a hint of the right color will redefine your mouth so it appears shapelier and fuller, and we have many colors to select from including customized formulations.


Lipliner tattoo may be chosen to be a) obvious – applied in a different, similar, or same but concentrated color than the rest of the lip color, or b) blended in – applied in a similar color or same color concentrated. It helps to do edging in a natural lip color. Defined but not lined is the average, classic look. The edges are softened somewhat, but the shape remains distinct. The softened edge is the best choice to not draw attention to lips that are imperfect in shape, size, or smoothness around the mouth.


Have your Permanent Makeup designed & applied by the same artist who has made some of Hollywood’s most famous faces beautiful.